Kamber served as my realtor in May as I went through the home-buying experience for the first time. I had little to no understanding about what goes into buying a home, how the process works, or what a reasonable timeline is from start to finish. Kamber was professional and responsive from the very  first conversation we had on the phone. She immediately helped me feel comfortable on what to expect, provided ideas on how to navigate the stress that can come with buying in an ultra-competitive market like northern Virginia, and simple tasks that I could start to make things simpler. Kamber provided great insights at each listing we looked at; knowing that I didn’t have experience in looking at homes, she pointed out things that I never would have thought of but also gave me the space to think about what was important to me and learn to prioritize those important things. She also did a great job being respectful of each homeowner and property that we visited and keeping us safe in entering those properties during COVID-19. I felt at ease through the entire experience in where we went, what we discussed, and the decisions I had to make as each milestone approached. Closing day almost felt like a formality because Kamber prepared me so well on what we would cover, helping me understand each/every document I was required to provide, verify, or sign, and created a seamless, integrated environment as I dealt with the lending and title aspects of buying a home. I feel extremely fortunate to have Kamber as my realtor for buying this home and hope this review reflects that. I recommend you consider her for any of your home buying or selling needs. She will be that person for me for as long as I live in northern Virginia. Thank you Kamber for a fantastic experience.