“Our move to Virginia was a new frontier, the first time we wouldn’t be living on or near our military assignment.  We tried to navigate the real estate market on our own, and it proved to be very hectic and stressful.  Kamber came highly recommended by another Army wife who had just successfully found her home and settled in.  We were looking forward to the moment that we could definitively say “this is our new home.”  Kamber worked wonderfully with us to help us narrow down the search and find homes that would fit our family’s needs.  Kamber worked above and beyond what our expectations were for a real estate agent.  We had never experienced the level of dedication and frequent communication that we received from Kamber in our search.  Finally, we found a home, in the perfect neighborhood with the perfect schools and began to settle in.  Unfortunately, we discovered the house had some safety concerns that couldn’t be ignored, and we began a very intense house hunt again.  In a week’s time Kamber had found us yet another wonderful home, in a wonderful neighborhood, with wonderful schools and we moved in.  This house felt like home immediately and we know that we made the right choice for our family.  Kamber was there holding our hand and guiding us through with amazing support.  Once again, Kamber’s dedication and professionalism were leagues above what we had ever experienced.  Our family is deeply appreciative to Kamber and to True North Realty for their dedication and commitment to their clients to help them find the right fit.”